Scholarship & Prizes Objectives

  1. Create good-hearted scholarly competition amongst student to increase average performance
  2. Increase the value and prestige of scholarly excellence so that students can immediately recognize the value of hard work and excellence.
  3. Provide  a support mechanism for excelling students in an environment in which role models have dramatically changed.
  4. Develop a repository of data on excelling students for purposes of recruitment, recommendation to Universities, and other such purposes. 

Selection Model
Awards Committee

  1. An Awards Committee is to be formed for the award of each and every scholarship or prize (hereinafter award). 
  2. The Committee shall be composed of persons of high integrity and knowledge in the domain in which award is to be made.
  3. Awards Committee may at its own discretion develop objective and quantifiable criteria for selection.
  4. For each award to be made, at least 3 nominations shall be made by at least 3 nominators.

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