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Our Constitution


In this Constitution:

“The Act” means the Companies Act, 1955.

“Secretary” means the Secretary of the Foundation or any other person appointed to perform the duties of the secretary of the Foundation.

  • (a) Expressions referring to writing shall, unless the contrary intention appears, be construed as including references to printing, lithography, photography, and other modes of representing or reproducing words in a visible form.
  • (b) Unless the context otherwise requires, words or expressions contained in these Articles of Association shall bear the same meaning as in the Act or any statutory modification thereof in force at the date at which these Articles become binding on the Foundation.

Membership of the Foundation shall, subject to meeting such criteria as may be approved by the General Assembly, be open to every person and will consist of the following categories:

  • institutional membership;
  • affiliate members;
  • individual members.

Institutional Membership shall be open to all organizations and bodies that have active interest in Cancer Research. Each Institutional member:

  • (a) shall have one vote within the General Assembly;
  • (b) is not permitted to vote by proxy;
  • (c) may be represented by up to five duly authorized members of such institutional member at any General Assembly of the Foundation, such member(s) may vote on behalf of their organization or body at any meeting of the Foundation where such organization or body is entitled to vote.

Affiliate Membership shall be open to all organizations and bodies connected with health care, and education in the sciences generally. Affiliate members shall not have any voting right and each affiliate member may be represented by not more than two duly authorized members of such affiliate member at any General Meeting of the foundation.

Individual Membership shall be open to every individual that applies to the Secretary indicating such desire and is admitted by the Trustees of the Foundation Each individual member:

  • (a) shall have one vote within the General Assembly;
  • (b) may vote by proxy at any General Assembly provided that prior written consent signed by the Chairperson and two other members of the Board of Trustees of The Foundation was obtained before the General Assembly, and provided also that a member shall not be permitted to vote by proxy for more that one individual member;

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